Last week my roommate was really excited about his tinder date. He told me he had been chatting with that girl and invited her over to hopefully get some action. he showed me some pictures and I was pretty skeptical of his story, the girl was a hot brunette with huge tits and he's a total dork but in LA you never know... I went on with my day and when I got home after the gym I took a shower, next thing you know I see a girl walking in my room looking for the bathroom. She said I looked familiar and showed me her phone. My roommate catfished her using my picture on his profile, now I know how he was able to get her to come hang out, lol. I never want to disappoint a girl and she clearly came over with the intention of getting laid so I didn't have any other choice than pick up my roommate's slack and take her to pound town! Catfish stories are generally always bad but I guess you can say this one is the exception that confirms the rule!..