Last night my sister’s best friend Madison showed up to the house saying she was supposed to pick up my sister Abbie so they could be on their way to their Halloween Sorority party. The only problem with that is that my sister was nowhere to be found as usual and Madison needed to leave right then. She was kinda mad at first but after talking for a bit she told me she’s had a crush on me for a little while but Abbie always told her to stay away. But this time and as a way to get Abbie back Madison decided to fuck me. She had that super slutty School girl outfit on that looked great on her so I wasn’t gonna argue. And damn I’m pretty stoked my sister was nowhere to be found like that. Madison is a super slut and I had a great time with her. I couldn’t help it and came deep inside her. Hopefully she still has some cum dripping out by the time they link up for the party. ;-)