Yesterday Bella knocked at my door to ask if I could take her to her Sorority’s Halloween party. First of all I thought it was next week but that’s actually my Fraternity Halloween party, second of all her mom was supposed to take her but she wasn’t home yet. My step sister’s outfit was really slutty and I don’t think her mom was gonna be happy about that. Since I didn’t want to get caught in the middle of some drama I told Bella I was gonna tell her mom about her outfit but Bella didn’t like that idea much and decided she knew a way for me to not snitch on her to her mom. Next thing you know my pair of shorts are on my ankles and she was blowing me real good. Since she was having a good time too we didn’t stop there and I banged her in every position. I couldn’t hold it any longer watching her ass bouncing on my dick and I ended up cumming deep inside her wet pussy. I guess she earned her ride to the party now. ;-)