Two days ago I was looking for one of my book for class and the last time I remember seeing it was in my step sister’s bedroom Jill so I went there to check. I knocked but no one answered so I was pretty surprised to open the door and see Jill and her best friend Ember dressed as cheerleaders making out on her bed. When I confronted her about it Jill said that her mom knew about them already. What her mom didn’t know was the outfits they were planning on wearing to their party, definitely way too slutty for her mom’s taste. Ember is pretty smart, she figured out a way to keep everyone happy, let’s have a threesome so I won’t tell on them to her mom. All I can say is my step sister and Ember know how to have a good time! I had a blast banging them together! So much fun that I finished inside my step sister and she wasn’t too pleased about that so I went back to my room rather quickly but with a smirk on my face!