Owning a few properties isn't always an easy job, when your tenants pay on time it's great but when they don't it's a headache! I had been trying to call Bobbi everyday for a week without any answer so I decided to go check on her, it was the 10th of the month already and it wasn't the first it happened. Fortunately she was home, she invited me in and I followed her in her bedroom where she said she had some money for me. After looking she said nothing was there. I wasn't really pleased with that answer that's when she decided to grab my dick through my pants saying maybe we could figure out an arrangement, I wasn't sure what she was talking a bout at first but she started blowing me before I knew it. While she was blowing me I decided that getting her evicted would be a lot of work I didn't have the time for right now and if she was willing to do that to get away with trouble I should give her a free pass! She didn't just blow me I also got to pound her tight little pussy before she sucked the cum out of my dick. Din't collect any rent that day but I wasn't mad about it! ;-)