Last week my boss asked to go fix the family computer at his house, it's not really my job but to be fair I'm pretty techy and always solve a lot of computer issues in the office. That day he was busy with some meetings and only his wife Lily was home. She's always been super nice to me but I always wondered what was their deal, she always seems to be pretty flirty while my boss is more reserved. It didn't take me long to sort it out, a bunch of apps needed an update to stop conflicting with each other. Lily told me when I got there to just let her know when I was down, which I did but she didn't answer me back so I went by their bedroom and I understood why. The door was ajar and I could see she was busy masturbating. I wanted to say something but I was worried she'd say I was spying on her, so I just watched her for a while and she's so hot I couldn't resist jerking myself while watching her. After a little while I ended up knocking on the door with my elbow and she saw me watching her and she also saw that I was jerking off. I didn't want her to say anything to my boss to not get fired so I told her I'd whatever she wants to stay quiet. I was pretty surprised when she told me she wanted me to fuck her, didn't have much of choice but I secretly wanted that too. Long story short she was a lot of fun, so much I didn't think of pulling out when I was about to come and I filled up her slutty pussy with a big warm load. I hope she needs me again soon to fix the computer. ;-)