Yesterday when I got home I grabbed my mail as usual and I'm not sure what's been happening Lately but I get a lot of mails for my neighbor Alix, I guess our first are kinda close, long story short I decided to swing by since she lives 2 doors down from me to drop it off. When I knocked she didn't answer but the door was open so I walked in. She was putting away her laundry and had a big hole in shorts... I din't think she noticed but I definitely did, couldn't help but feel it with my fingers. At first she wasn't too much into it but I guess she realized quickly that it could be way more fun than folding laundry so she started blowing me before we fucked and I creampied her tight little pussy. I guess I'm not really mad anymore about getting her mail, hopefully it keeps happening and she keeps wearing those shorts with a hole in it when stop by. ;-)