Yesterday my girlfriend was was very much in that Holiday spirit as she was putting decoration up. I personally am not a big fan of Xmas so I decided to go run some errands so I wouldn’t be in her way hoping that by the time I come back she’d be done and we could do something else. An hour later I got back home and for some reason the bedroom door was closed so I went in there to check and find her wearing some sexy Xmas lingerie with a nice bow on it. She told me that she knew the perfect way to get me into the Holiday spirit: Anal Sex!! I was a bit surprised at first but I figured it was a great idea she had! She got down on her knees to blow me until I decided it was time to “open my present” so she laid on the bed and I got to start stretching her tight little asshole. I didn’t waste any time and I was balls deep in her ass within a few strokes and damn what a great present! I kept fucking her back and forth between her tight pussy and stretching that ass until I turned her around so I could enjoy that sexy lingerie that made her ass like looks like a gift I could fuck. I could only hold it for so long like that before I came super hard in her pussy to show her my appreciation! Still not a huge Xmas fan but I have to admit if Leda keeps on giving me gifts like that I might start enjoying the Holidays way more! ;-)..