Yesterday I had that girl I met on tinder coming over. My wife has been out of town for a week already so I figured I’d have a little fun while she’s gone. So when that girl showed up I was pleasantly surprised, she looked even sexier in person, better than the pics she had on her profile. I took her straight to the bedroom cause we both knew what we wanted. Leda noticed my wedding right away and at first I was disappointed at myself cause I meant to take it off but I forgot. Right away she said she actually has a kink for married guys and asked if the bed she was seating on was the one we slept in with my wife and I and I told her that it was. Then she sucked on my finger to take my ring off before laying me on the bed to blow me. That must have turned her on cause she went straight to ride me reverse cowgirl before I took her to the edge of the bed for missionary. Since I was gonna fuck her good I shoved her panties in her mouth to muffle the moaning so my neighbors wouldn’t hear her. She had a big bush and some big tits so I had a good time fucking her like that, having her legs open for a bit then closing them to the side before fucking her doggy style. Missionary was so much fun that I wanted to finish like that and I creampied her tight little hairy pussy in that position. Last week I wasn’t super pleased when I heard about my wife schedule for the next 6 months but I guess I’m resourceful and was able to make the best out of the situation... Let’s see who will come over next! ;-)..