Last Wednesday my Russian tutor came over like she does every week. The only problem is Ihad a busy weekend with my friends hanging out, watching some football, some hockey andplaying guitar and next thing you know it’s Wednesday and I hadn’t even started myassignment. Fallon is really nice and she’s a great tutor but I knew she wasn’t gonna be happyabout that. Failing that assignment would make me fail the class and that’s not good. Shecame up with an idea I wasn’t expecting though, basically she said that she’d do myassignment for me as long as we had some fun together. I didn’t think twice! I could fuck mysexy tutor and pass my class?! And damn Fallon is one sexy Russian tutor she sucked me sogood before I got to fuck her and that pussy was so good that I couldn’t help but fill her upwith a big load. I thought I was about to fuck up my grades slacking on my homework butinstead I ended up fucking my way to an A! ;-)