The other week I was feeling kinda down, my girlfriend was being annoying as usual and even though it was my bday and we were supposed to have sex she bailed on me last minute. Thankfully my step sister was here to save the day, she told she was gonna go hang out with some friends later and I should join. Told her I was gonna think about it, when she came back to show me what she was gonna wear I was a bit shocked, it was a fishnet top super see through and I could her nipples. She must have been turned by my story about my gf not wanting to have sex with me cause that outfit must have been the excuse to come to my room and fuck me. She started grabbing my dick and had it in her mouth before I had the time to say anything, since my gf was lame and she’s only my step sister I figured that I might as well enjoy the situation and fuck her. We had a great time to say the least and I ended up coming inside her juicy pussy. That bday didn’t start great but it got much better thanks to my slutty step sister Bella. ;-)