Last week I went to my step daughter’s bed room to ask her about a book she borrowed a while back since one of my friend was asking for it. She was wearing a sweater and just her panties so when she reached to grab it I couldn’t help myself but to have a good look at her ass. Not gonna lie it’s a nice, it totally got me distracted and she caught me staring at it, I just didn’t want her to tell her mom about it but instead of being mad she was turned on and starting reaching for my pants and my dick. I wasn’t really sure where she was going with that but apparently she wanted to experience what she’s been hearing about from her mom. Thankfully my wife was running errands and wouldn’t be back home for a couple of hours so I couldn’t help it and fucked her. She’s a natural just like her mom! It felt so good that I finished inside of her. Hopefully she doesn’t tell her mom and maybe we can do that again next week! ;-)