Earlier this month I wasn’t surprised when I saw my tenant from apartment 401 show up at myplace. She’s generally pretty good at letting me know when she pays her rent but I hadn’t heardanything from her until that day. At first I thought maybe she was going to the pool whichwould explain her outfit but then I realized she probably wasn’t and that skimpy bikini was partof her elaborate plan. She told me that with the pandemic she was short by a lot on rent butthought maybe we could figure out a different kind of arrangement instead, so she’d be able tostay in her apartment. And before I knew it she was on her knees pulling my shorts down andsucking on my cock.This was a bit of a surprise but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve beenwondering what it’d be like to fuck Madison. In fact I’ve been thinking ab out it since the firstday we met a the open house. I clearly wasn’t wrong thinking about that cause she’s a lot offun. After a really good sloppy blowjob I fucked from behind then in missionary before havingher bounce that glorious ass on my dick. I knew my wife could walk in on us at any time so Iflipped her back to doggy where I dropped a big load in her wet pussy. So now I have to workmy magic with those numbers so my wife doesn’t find out about our little “rent”arrangement. ;-)