Last week my art teacher told me to come talk to her after the class, after everyone was gone Imade my way to her desk where she told me she wanted to tell me about a special project shethought I could be interested in. She said she didn’t have the time to explain more to me rightnow since her next class was about to start but told me to come over to her place a coupledays later so we’ll have more time to discuss it. She’s super hot and even though I love my artclass it’s a bit distracting to not be staring at my teacher legs and ass while in class. So acouple days later I went to her place, after opening the door and invited me inside she said tofollow her. She took me to her room and started explaining to me how she noticed me lookingat her while in class. At first I was worried she was mad about it and would report me to theDean but apparently she likes that and wanted have some extra fun together. She startedtaking her clothes off one layer at a time until I could see her bush through her pantyhose, shethen got on top of her bed doggy style to rip those open before she told me to lay down andstarted sucking my dick. After that she rode me, made me fuck her from behind thenmissionary until I couldn’t help it and came over her ass and the pantyhose. I still don’t know ifshe had a real art project she wanted to tell me about but to be honest I don’t mind the kind ofproject we worked on that night… ;-).