Paris is my next door neighbor, she's a cool chick, actually there's a few cool chicks living in that building. Anyway yesterday she came knocking at the door cause she was locked out of her apartment again. It already happened last month but I guess she keeps forgetting to grab her keys when she leaves and her boyfriend isn't paying attention either. She called him but he's not gonna be home for a couple of hours and she kinda need somehwere to hang out for a bit so I told her she could stay at my place until he comes home. She wasn't sitting on the couch for 2 minutes that she was already showing me how loose the straps of her dress were and started flirting and flashing me with her tits, apparently she wasn't done yet cause after that she totally removed her dress. Since she wasn't gonna go anywhere at that point I pulled my dick out and let her repay me for the hospitality, and she did very nicely. One thing leading to another I ended up fucking her all over my living room, blowing a big load on her stomach and tits! I bet she's gonna keep forgetting her keys