Yesterday I stopped by to check on Kendra’s apartment rent situation for this month. They’ve been paying late for the last few months and now she hasn’t been replying to my texts or answering my calls so I went there in person to sort it out. Kendra’s roommate let me in and I found her dressed in lingerie in her room, that was a bit unexpected but I wanted to sort that out right then and there with her so I didn’t leave. She told me she hasn’t been working in months and that was the reason why they haven’t been paying rent. She asked for some extra time but my wife told me to be firm. When I explained that to Kendra she brought up the fact that I had a boner while talking to her only wearing lingerie and that my wife must not have been taking good care of me. She wasn’t wrong about that and she offered to do so. I figured that if she didn’t have the money I might as well get something out of it. In no time she was on her knees pulling my shorts down an taking care of that big hard cock, she gave me a very good sloppy blowjob before offering me to fuck her pussy, I definitely jumped on the opportunity and started stretching her tight little cunt, once she got used to it I went harder in missionary before folding her legs to the side to make that pussy even tighter. We went on the bed after that so I could rail her from behind and it felt so good that I creampied that tight little pussy with a big warm load. I’m gonna have to move some money around on my accounts so my wife doesn’t see that I didn’t collect the rent but if she doesn’t notice I might come back for another one of those “rent payment” with Kendra next month… ;-)