Yesterday I was chilling in my room when I heard someone knocking. I thought my wife wanted to tell me something but it wasn’t her. It was my tenant from my apartment on the 4th floor Spencer Bradley. She’s a nice girl but last month she was already late on rent and she’s late again this month. I always have people hitting me up about that corner unit and if she doesn’t start paying on time I’m gonna have to give her an eviction notice. Anyway I thought she was coming over to finally pay it but she wasn’t. She told me she lost her job during the pandemic and doesn’t have the money, she said maybe we could figure out an alternative for rent. I was kinda confused since she said she didn’t have the money, but what she meant by that was she’d blow me to make up for it. She started grabbing my dick which caught me off guard so I told her to lock the door since my wife was in the living room. She then started sucking my dick and one thing leading to another I ended up fucking her too and I couldn’t help but cum inside her tight pussy and she liked it. Not sure how I’m gonna explain to my wife how Spencer is staying in her apartment without paying rent but hopefully I’ll figure out something. lol