Last week I had to go check on one of my tenant Alex More. It was already the 12th of the month and she hadn't sent me anything for the rent. She moved in around 6 months ago, she's a nice girl but it's always a little difficult to get rent on time with her. This time I decided to go have a talk with her cause I can't keep on having to chase her around for rent every month. Thankfully she was home but unfortunately she still didn't have her rent. Alex is a her resourceful girl though and knows what a man likes. I was surprised when she started opening my pants and started blowing me before I could say a word. She was doing such a good job I din't feel like stopping her and she looked like she was having a great time too so why not right? lol She didn't stop there and started riding my dick right there on the couch, I then took her to her kitchen table where I blew a huge load all over her. I probably won't make a lot of money off that house but I know where to go for a good time... ;-)