This is the BTS of my hot threesome scene with Tru Kait and Tommy Wood. Last weekend I was waiting on my roommate Tom to get ready so we could go to a party. He was taking his time and instead of getting ready he started playing video games. Not only that, but his girlfriend showed up in the living room only wearing some lingerie and damn she’s hot! Apparently he promised her they’d have sex before we go. Tom wanted to play but Kait wasn’t ready to give up so easily and started teasing him, eventually Tom gave in and I guess I happened to be in the right place at the right time cause they invited me to join. Kait is way too hot to pass on that threesome and I figured the party could wait another 30 minutes anyway. Kait didn’t skip a bit and she was blowing me while Tom was taking her from behind right away, we took turns banging her before he came all over her tits and face and I then fucked her doggy and came deep inside her. We then got ready for the party and when we got there the fun was just starting so I guess everything worked out ok. lol