The other day I was running late to meet my girl at her spot, nothing I could do about it, traffic was terrible on the freeway and it took forever to get there. When i walked to her room I was ready to apologize for being late but instead of finding her I found her roommate Abbie in underwear and tank top looking around for stuff. Wasn't sure what she was doing but that's their business, when I asked Abbie where my GF was she said she left already and apparently she was mad at me for some reason. When i asked when she was gonna be back Abbie said se wouldn't be for a few hours. So much for me trying to come over during rush hours for things to turn out like that. I could tell Abbie was staring at my crotch and I figured I might as well get something out of it since I drove an hour to get there. Abbie didn't lose anytime and starting blowing me right away, one thing leading to the next I fucked her all over my GF's bed before rewarding her big a big warm load she swallowed. Not what I had in mind when I got there but I made the most out of it! ;-)